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Details Lackstift-Set-fr-Triumph-FD-Acidic-Yellow-20ml-Klarlack-20ml

Sie erhalten in diesem Angebot die oben angegebene Farbe frisch gemischt!

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Details Plant-World-Seeds-Azoychka-Seeds

Large, bright golden yellow, round to slightly flattened juicy fruit, have attractively lobed and bulged sections, without splitting. With few seeds and a large core, it has a strong, tangy, slightly acidic-fruity flavour, with a hint of citrus. It is ...

2,80 EUR*
Details Plant-World-Seeds-Chocolate-Stripes-Seeds

This absolute beautiful variety has a quite unique appearance being dramatically striped and slashed in brown, with almost no seeds and firm thick flesh. The distinctive flavour is strong but not acidic. (Cordon) SOWING ADVICE: Seeds are surface ...

2,51 EUR*
Details Plant-World-Seeds-Helios-Seeds

19th century European heirloom spring radish. The pale yellow globes of the radish inspired its name (Helios - Greek god of the Sun). The flesh is white and quite sweet in flavour. SOWING ADVICE: Sow radish seeds in slightly acidic soil. 2 to 3 ...

3,31 EUR*
Details Plant-World-Seeds-Sioux-Seeds

Developed and released by the University of Nebraska in 1944, this old favourite has got a fabulous balance of sweet and acidic, resulting in a rich and delectable flavour. One of the best-known historic tomatoes, the medium-sized fruit are productive ...

5,82 EUR*
Details Plant-World-Seeds-Lapageria-Rosea-Seeds

Chile's national flower is a rightful candidate for the world's most beautiful climber. Long, wax-like bell flowers, three-inches or more of lipstick red, decorate the twining stems. These vigorous plants prefer shade and need an acidic, lime-free ...

4,27 EUR*
Details Plant-World-Seeds-Geum-Rivale-Seeds

Nodding red flowers open from May to September on this lovely British native plant which is often found in slow-draining or wet soils and can tolerate mildly acidic to calcareous conditions, habitats including stream sides, pond edges, damp deciduous ...

3,98 EUR*
Details Plant-World-Seeds-Plantago-Coronopus-Seeds

Probably the prettiest and daintiest of all of the plantains, this diminutive perennial plant occurs in dry, open, often heavily trampled, habitats on acidic to basic stony or sandy soils and rock crevices, as well as sea-cliffs and sea-walls. But ...

4,35 EUR*
Details Plant-World-Seeds-Meconopsis-Grandis-Seeds

This seed has been collected from from garden-grown plants of the true form of this rare blue poppy. Large saucer flowers in deepest blue arise on thick, strong stems. Quite perennial when it is happy in slightly acidic, organic soil, it is one of the ...