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157,15 EUR*
Details Lime Scale Remover - 128 fl oz (4 quart) - Acidic Scent - Red by Diversey

Diversey Lime Scale Remover - 128 fl oz (4 quart) - Acidic Scent - Red by Diversey

12,05 EUR*
Details Acidic Fiction #1: Corrosive Chronicles

Seiten: 176, Ausgabe: 1, Taschenbuch, Steven x\Davis

15,90 EUR*
Details Lackstift Set für Triumph FD Acidic Yellow 20ml + Klarlack 20ml

Sie erhalten in diesem Angebot die oben angegebene Farbe frisch gemischt!

13,36 EUR*
Details MOTHERS 05924 Foaming Wheel and Tyre Cleaner Non-acidic Felgenreiniger

Nicht säurehaltiger Schaum zur Reinigung von Rädern und Reifen Unbedenkliche Anwendung bei allen ab Werk bzw. als OEM-Produkt gelieferten Rädern und Radkappen - lackiert, klarlackbeschichtet, farbbeschichtet, Stahl, modular oder Chrom Aufsprühen und...

3,24 EUR*
Details 1-14 PH Alkaline Acid Test Papier Wasser Lackmus- Test -Kit

Name: PH Test Paper Paper Size: App 45mm x 7mm (L x W) Weigh: App 3g The scale reads from 1 to 14:1 - 3 indicates a very acidic substance4 - 6 indicates an acidic substance7 indicates neutral8 - 11 indicates alkalinity12 - 14 indicates a very high...

12,90 EUR*
Details 1-14 PH Alkaline Acid Test Zellstoff Wasser Lackmus- Test Kit

1-14 PH Alkaline Acid Test Paper Water Litmus Testing KitDescription: Name: PH Test Paper Paper Size: App 45mm x 7mm (L x W) Weigh: App 3gThe scale reads from 1 to 14: 1 - 3 indicates a very acidic substance 4 - 6 indicates an acidic substance 7...

3,55 EUR*
Details PRODUCTS - Toilet Bowl Swab

Toilet Bowl Swab, Acrylic Yarn Puff Resists Breakdown From Acidic Bowl Cleaners & Other Caustic Detergents, Molded Angled Handle For Under Rim Cleaning.

133,34 EUR*
Details IMPULSE! Fusion Platter by IMPULSE!

Hand-crafted aluminum;Raised lines;Food-safe finish;Not for use with acidic foods;Also available as a cake plate and small plate

22,78 EUR*
Details Lionel Asbo: State of England

Lionel Asbo An exuberant, acidic satire of modern society and celebrity culture--by a renowned author at the height of his powers. Full description

94,48 EUR*
Details 11oz Margarita Set of 4 by Supreme Housewares

11oz Margarita Set of 4, Material: Polycarbonate Plastic, Capacity: 11oz, Care and Clean: Dishwasher safe (non lemon/acidic detergent), Includes: 4-Margarita Cup

73,57 EUR*
Details All Purpose Barbecue Cleaner by Siege

Able to use on Barbecues with Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Porcelain, and Enamel Finishes, Non-abrasive, Non-Acidic, and Easy to Use, 100% Biodegradable **Earth Friendly

53,00 EUR*
Details Cheese Spreader-Glass Ball by Supreme Housewares Inc.

""Cheese Spreader-Glass Ball, Set of 2pcs, Zinc Blade, Length: 6"" Length, Care and Clean: Dishwasher Safe (non lemon/acidic detergent)""

70,02 EUR*
Details Fork-Marble Glass, Set of 4 by Supreme Housewares

""Material: Zinc, Handle: Glass, Dimension: 5"" length, Includes: 4-pc fork, Care and Clean: Dishwasher safe (non lemon/acidic detergent)""

188,69 EUR*
Details Grout Clnr Tech 32oz by Tech

Penetrates deep into your grout to remove stains, Non-acidic formula is safe to use, Odorless and 100% biodegradable, Quick and easy to use, Safe to use on colored grout

17,01 EUR*
Details INC - Daily Cleaner, 24-oz.

24 OZ, Granite Gold, Daily Cleaner, Cleans Granite & Natural Stone, Ammonia & Streak Free Formula, Fresh Citrus Scent, Biodegradable & Safe For Food Preparation Surfaces, Environmentally Friendly, Non -Acidic, Non-Abrasive, Water Based, Biodegradable In 2

5,29 EUR*
Details Sensitive Enamel Protect Toothpaste 75ml

Used regularly: Protects against enamel erosion from acidic drinks and foods Helps repair tooth enamel Provides Proven Cavity Protection Freshens Breath Brush with Colgate® Sensitive Enamel Protect twice daily Contains Potassium Nitrate, clinically...

3,24 EUR*
Details Azoychka Seeds

Large, bright golden yellow, round to slightly flattened juicy fruit, have attractively lobed and bulged sections, without splitting. With few seeds and a large core, it has a strong, tangy, slightly acidic-fruity flavour, with a hint of citrus. It is...

3,31 EUR*
Details Sioux Seeds

""Developed and released by the University of Nebraska in 1944, this old favourite has got a fabulous balance of sweet and acidic, resulting in a rich and delectable flavour. One of the best-known historic tomatoes, the medium-sized fruit are productive...

61,48 EUR*
Details Tassel Cocktail Fork Set of 4 by Supreme Housewares

""Tassel Fork Set of 4, Material: Zinc, Dimension: 4 1/2"" length, Includes: 4-pc fork, Care and Clean: Dishwasher safe (non lemon/acidic detergent)""

5,82 EUR*
Details Iris Kerneriana Seeds

This rare and gorgeous plant is the only yellow species amongst the spuria irises, blooming in early summer with large, narrow, reflexed-petalled, lemon-yellow flowers with narrow leaves. It needs neutral to slightly acidic, gritty, well drained soil...

2,51 EUR*
Details Helios Seeds

19th century European heirloom spring radish. The pale yellow globes of the radish inspired its name (Helios - Greek god of the Sun). The flesh is white and quite sweet in flavour. SOWING ADVICE: Sow radish seeds in slightly acidic soil. 2 to 3 weeks...

79,71 EUR*
Details TECH Grout Cleaner - 32 oz by TECH

Penetrates deep into your grout to remove stains;Non-acidic formula is safe to use;Odorless and 100% biodegradable;Quick and easy to use;Safe to use on colored grout

5,82 EUR*
Details Lapageria Rosea Seeds

""Chile's national flower is a rightful candidate for the world's most beautiful climber. Long, wax-like bell flowers, three-inches or more of lipstick red, decorate the twining stems. These vigorous plants prefer shade and need an acidic, lime-free...

4,27 EUR*
Details Geum Rivale Seeds

Nodding red flowers open from May to September on this lovely British native plant which is often found in slow-draining or wet soils and can tolerate mildly acidic to calcareous conditions, habitats including stream sides, pond edges, damp deciduous...

2,80 EUR*
Details Chocolate Stripes Seeds

This absolute beauty has a quite unique appearance being dramatically striped and slashed in brown, with almost no seeds and firm thick flesh. The distinctive flavour is strong but not acidic. (Cordon) SOWING ADVICE: Seeds are surface-sown or covered...

113,84 EUR*
Details Pienaroma Whole Bean Espresso, 2.2-Pound Bag by Lavazza

100% Arabica blend whole bean espresso;Smooth, delicate, and mildly acidic;Medium roast; distinctly aromatic;Suitable for professional espresso machines;Packaged in 2.2-pound bags

2,58 EUR*
Details Plum Purple Seeds

Rapidly maturing French heirloom radish variety. Bright red-purple skin with crisp white flesh that doesn't get pithy all season round. SOWING ADVICE: Sow radish seeds in slightly acidic soil. 2 to 3 weeks before the last spring frost. Plant the seeds...

112,41 EUR*
Details 16oz Flare Pilsner Glass Set of 4 by Supreme Housewares

16oz Flare Pilsner Glass Set of 4, Material: Polycarbonate Plastic, Capacity: 16oz, Care and Clean: Dishwasher safe (non lemon/acidic detergent), Includes: 4-Flare Pilsner Cup

3,98 EUR*
Details Plantago Coronopus Seeds

Probably the prettiest and daintiest of all of the plantains, this diminutive perennial plant occurs in dry, open, often heavily trampled, habitats on acidic to basic stony or sandy soils and rock crevices, as well as sea-cliffs and sea-walls. But...

2,36 EUR*
Details White Hailstone Seeds

An excellent early (3-4 weeks) white spring radish. Very mild taste and maintains its crisp texture for a long time. The radish itself is slightly larger than similar early globe types. SOWING ADVICE: Sow radish seeds in slightly acidic soil. 2 to 3...

149,93 EUR*
Details Clean Building Bathroom 2 Cleaner Concentrate, 2 bottles (SMP11101) by Simple Green

Acidic formula with surfactant removes scale and scum found on hard bathroom surfaces.;Noncaustic and nonflammable.;Dilutes with water.

4,35 EUR*
Details Meconopsis Grandis Seeds

This seed has been collected from the true form of this rare blue poppy from garden-grown plants. Large saucer flowers in deepest blue arise on thick, strong stems. Quite perennial when it is happy in slightly acidic, organic soil, it is one of the...

3,83 EUR*
Details Gaultheria Prostrata Pentlandii Seeds

Native to cold, high places in Central and South America, this evergreen, prostrate shrub prefers a moist, shady site where it will display its white flowers, later ripening to bright red berries. It is ideal for an acidic soil in a harsh environment....

79,89 EUR*
Details Aquashield 24 oz by Aqua Mix

Aqua Mix AquaShield Cleaner & Resealer is formulated to re-seal surfaces as it cleans;Eliminates grease, dirt, stains, soap scum, and stuck-on food;Unique citrus-scented formula contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC);Formula is non-acidic,...

121,66 EUR*
Details IMPULSE! Bermuda Bowl (Set of 2), Orange by IMPULSE!

Mirror-finished aluminum;For use with dry goods only;Not suitable for hot or acidic foods;Pair with Bermuda tray for serving set;Also available in aqua, Green and Purple

149,10 EUR*
Details IMPULSE! Bordeaux Bowl, Large Black, Set of 2 by Impulse Enterprises

Hand-crafted aluminum, Mirror-finished aluminum exterior, Food-safe enamel coated interior, Not for use with acidic foods, Also available in emerald and white

123,00 EUR*
Details GG0040 Daily Cleaner Refill - 64 Oz (Pack of 3) by Granite Gold

Biodegradable, non-toxic and non-acidic;No phosphates or ammonia;PH balanced;Safe on food-preparation surface;Also available in a cost-saving refill

26,00 EUR*
Details 16-oz. PH Down Pond Adjuster

16 OZ PH Down Adjuster, Adjusts The PH Of Pond Water, Which Can Change From Day To Day, Without Harming Delicate Pond Fish Or Pond Plants, PH Down Makes Pond Water More Acidic, It's Phosphate Free & Will Not Promote Algae Growth.

42,86 EUR*
Details Simple Solid Serving Spoon, Silver by Ginkgo

One Simple Solid Serving Spoon, Modern, straight handle with squared off end, 18/0 stainless steel, Part of a full flatware and serveware collection, Dishwasher safe; avoid prolonged exposure to water or acidic foods to prevent spotting

11,36 EUR*
Details Liquid PH Pond Test Kit

Liquid PH Test Kit, Instantly & Accurately Measures The Wide PH Range Encountered In Pond Water, Proper PH Control Is Imperative To Prevent The Harmful Effects Of Too Alkaline Or Too Acidic Pond Water On Fish & Plant Life, Tests PH Levels From 5.0 To 9.0,